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* One-Of-A-Kind, Adjustable Rose Gold Filled Genuine Diamond Solitaire Bracelet
* 6mm Transparent Sparkling Turquoise Blue-Green Genuine Carbonado Diamond Weighing 2.3 Carats
* Rose Gold Filled Fancy Filigree Chain Link Bracelet; Handmade Easy Hook Clasp Can Be Attached Anywhere Along Chain Up To 8 Inches In Length
* Gold Filled Wire, Fancy Chain, Easy Hook Clasp and Findings
* 925 Sterling Silver 'Van Der Muffin's Jewels' Engraved Heart Charm Dangle
* Arrives Ready For Giving In Signature Gift Packaging; Includes Artist and Carbonado Diamond Info
* Perfect Unique Birthday, Anniversary, Valentine's Day Present!
* Special Orders Welcome - Message Me For Details!

About Carbonado 'Space' Diamonds:
Unlike their Earth-born counterparts, fascinatingly beautiful and 100% Genuine Carbonado Diamonds originated in outer space over 2 billion years ago and are considered the rarest and hardest diamond on earth
The presence of nitrogen and hydrogen in their matrix offer conclusive evidence of extraterrestrial origins
Scientists hypothesize Carbonados were created when an exploded star larger than the sun crashed onto earth via asteroid before the formation of the solar system
Carbonado diamonds have only every been found on the east coast of Brazil and the west coast of the Central African Republic
Geographic exclusivity consistent with scientific theories supporting diamond formation being the result of a single asteroid impact, as Brazil and Africa were at one time joined together before the continents split.

*** Introduced In 2014, Van Der Muffin's Jewels Fine Artisan Jewelry By Courtney Andrea Fox Draws Inspiration From Its Eponymous Brand Ambassador - 11 Year Old Labrador Retriever, Feisty Tiger Sloane Van Der Muffin. Together, They Envision Each Elegant Creation As The Perfect Everyday Or Evening Wardrobe Compliment.***

2 3 Carat Real Diamond Bracelet Unique Birthday Anniversary Jewelry Holiday Gifts Sale 8 Inch CKQZIATAT

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