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【THE FEATURE OF BAMBOO】Pure natural bamboo material, let you close to nature.Wearing bamboo watches for a long time is good for your health.【THE FEATURE OF WATCH】The dial of this watch is wooden, you can clearly see the patterns of bamboo, the strap is made of crazy horse leather, very durable, and the buckle is a classic stainless steel buckle.【PARTICULAR STYLE】There are 60 small dots on the dial, so you can quickly see the current time.The watch is very light, portable and easy to wear with many casual clothes.【THE VALUE OF COLLECTION】Wooden watches are lightweight and not as heavy or cold as metal straps.As the wearing time increases, the watch will become more and more smooth, which will form a special luster.【EVERY WATCH IS UNIQUE】Bamboo watches are 100% recyclable, biodegradable and free of toxic chemicals. You can wear it safely.

Watch Maintenance
1.The quartz watch is exposed to the area with dense dust for a long time,
which will naturally lead to dust entering the cracks in the shell,
and a large amount of dust will accelerate the drying of the core oil.
2.Take off the watch during strenuous exercise to avoid collision or accidental injury.
3.Stay away from high-humidity areas, and try not to get your watch wet.
When the water meter is filled with water or fog, the corresponding measures must be taken.
4.Avoid the watch close to the radio, television and other objects that generate strong magnetic field,
so as to avoid the watch from being magnetized, causing time deviation.
5.If the quartz watch suddenly finds itself slowing down, it's probably due to a lack of battery power.
You can send the watch to a special maintenance station to check the battery power.
Note: there is a layer of plastic protective film on the new watch dial. Please tear it off before use.

Product Information
● Case material: Bamboo or Ebony
● Strap material: Leather or Ebony
● Case size: 34 mm
● Buckle style: pin buckle strap
● Back cover material: bamboo wood
● Mirror material: glass
● Weight: 30 grams
● Movement: quartz movement
● Function: three needles, time display

1 x Watch
1 x Box

Ebony Wood Watch Yapeach Mens Causal Quartz Wrist Watch Handmade Black PLSQMWEAX

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